LiveWell Colorado | Ambassador Program Unites Moms in Fight Against Obesity

  • Challenge

    Create a program to reach Colorado moms and turn them into ambassadors in the fight against obesity

  • Solution

    Developed the LiveWell Moms grassroots ambassador program

  • Results

    Within one year of launching the program secured 900+ ambassadors and 26 “Super Moms”


Research shows that while most Coloradans are quick to admit Colorado has an obesity problem, they don’t recognize that problem as their own. Research also shows that mothers are the most likely to agree that they, as parents, are responsible for solving the obesity problem in Colorado. As part of LiveWell Colorado’s “Culture Change Campaign,” GFM and LiveWell Colorado’s marketing partners, Launch and Rabble + Rouser, created a program to reach Colorado moms and turn them into ambassadors in the fight against obesity.


GFM developed the LiveWell Moms grassroots ambassador program to appeal to and engage influential moms across Colorado. LiveWell Moms was designed to be a forum for shared ideas and a way to motivate families to embrace healthier living. We launched the program with a small group of influential moms identified through intensive online research and personal networks, because the credibility of the program relied on having a strong base of initial ambassadors to raise awareness and generate organic buzz.

GFM recommended LiveWell Moms create blog content in a manner that ultimately encouraged them to share personal, best practices for helping families lead healthy and active lives. GFM then strategized ways to use existing LiveWell Colorado communications channels and like-minded organizations statewide to capture the attention of potential LiveWell Moms, and then put those moms to the task of educating Coloradans about healthy living.


During the first 18 months, the LiveWell Moms ambassador program grew to include more than 900 moms – exceeding the goal of adding 20 - 30 moms per month. There are 26 “Super Moms” who have committed to providing regular content, with more becoming engaged and committed to writing original content each month LiveWell Colorado has featured 88 posts from “Super Mom” ambassadors to date.

The online LiveWell Moms influencer community has also organically grown to include event participation and traditional media opportunities. Our Healthy Families Examiner has published seven original articles featuring LiveWell Colorado messaging to LiveWell Moms have been featured in several traditional media outlets, including Reuters, Univision (Denver), the Loveland Connection, FOX News in Colorado Springs and The LiveWell Moms section of the LiveWell Colorado website receives an average of more than 1,350 page views per month, and LiveWell Moms-focused Facebook ads generated approximately 6,114 clicks, 2,056 actions (e.g., likes, sharing content) and more than 25 million impressions in a 12-month period. A LiveWell Moms blog badge has generated more than 50,000 impressions to date. With design and copy strategy support from GFM, LiveWell Colorado launched a LiveWell Moms app on their Facebook page to serve as an additional education/promotion avenue to make it easy to sign up additional moms via Facebook., The ambassador program has received national accolades when it was named Best Influencer Relations Campaign at the National PR News Digital PR Awards ceremony.