LiveWell Colorado | Healthy Chatter: Using Twitter to Promote Healthy Living

  • Challenge

    Expand LiveWell Colorado’s reach and engagement on Twitter to target new audiences

  • Solution

    Organized a Tweetchat around topic of “Eating Healthy on a Budget” aimed at Colorado moms

  • Results

    Grew Twitter followers from 100 to more than 800


LiveWell Colorado,a nonprofit committed to reducing obesity in Colorado, initiated a Twitter-focused social media strategy. GFM provided initial training and editorial guidance to begin engaging Coloradans via the handle @LiveWellCO. The challenges were twofold: It was difficult to break through the online clutter, and there were only 100 followers at the time.


To build awareness for LiveWell Colorado's Twitter presence and create momentum for its key policy, environmental and lifestyle messages, the team organized a Tweetchat.
The topic of the Tweetchat was relevant to Colorado mothers: “Eating Healthy on a Budget,” and would address the popular misconception that choosing healthier food is cost-prohibitive for many families.

GFM tapped a well-known mom blogger and content partner who had high numbers of Twitter followers and provided LiveWell Colorado with access to different promotional avenues, such as blogs, Twitter groups and certain online forums, to tap into resources that were already successfully connecting to the target audience.

GFM developed an action plan, timeline, website copy and content outline; provided promotional suggestions; and researched hashtags and worked on partnership development for the chat. The team created and shared pre-written content with business partners, other health agencies and representatives from LiveWell Colorado's communities across the state to encourage posting on relevant social media platforms, retweets and cross-promotion, and promoted the Tweetchat among other mom blogs and aggregator sites.


On the day of the Tweetchat, 381 tweets were generated resulting in more than 1.9 million impressions with a total audience reach of 39,473 followers. GFM planned and promoted two additional Tweetchats in the next year, helping to grow Twitter followers from 100 to more than 800.