National Conference of State Legislators | GroundFloor Media Redesigned Website and Improved Visibility Through Search Engine Optimization

  • Challenge

    Client needed to improve its website to better attract and engage its target audiences

  • Solution

    Redesigned website and implemented search engine optimization strategies

  • Results

    Increased number of website page views, users and search engine referrals


The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) sought to create greater brand awareness, leverage its voice in the legislative community, and highlight its bipartisan spirit. NCSL enlisted the help of GFM to revamp its outdated website, improve the user experience and focus on search engine optimization (SEO).


GFM worked with NCSL to coordinate an inclusive discovery process to gather feedback from a variety of key stakeholders and identify potential improvements for the new website -- from simplifying the user experience to expanding the content that users were most interested in and likely to search for.

GFM reorganized 17,000 pages of content and digital archives to streamline the site navigation and simplify the process for users and search engines to locate relevant content. Web pages were also tagged or retagged with keyword-rich meta data, improving the searchability of current content. GFM further optimized many issue-specific articles to improve visibility within search engines.

Finally, GFM provided clear direction to website managers and editors through the development of a website editor’s guide, which included best practices on uploading content, writing headlines, meta data implementation, linking strategies and creating photo tags.


As a result of the redesign and optimization efforts, the website achieved a significant increase in traffic.

  • Improved search rankings for optimized webpages
  • Increase in unique monthly site visits from 350,000 to nearly 1 million during the 12-month project
  • Increased number of page views by 50 percent
  • Increased number of site users by 60 percent
  • Increase in visitors referred by search engines, as demonstrated in the following two-year graph