Plastic Kegs America: Leveraging SEO to Drive Website Traffic and Build Engagement

Plastic KegsChallenge

Plastic Kegs America (PKA), a manufacturer and distributor of multiple sizes of plastic beer kegs and shipping accessories, had a website that, while full of useful information about its products, failed to attract or engage many visitors. The company partnered with GroundFloor Media (GFM) to develop a new site that would not only engage visitors once on the page, but also leverage the latest SEO trends and recommendations to attract new visitors.


In redesigning PKA’s website, GFM Incorporated SEO strategies in the construction process and combined those with a carefully selected domain and searchable business name. Specific approaches included:

  • Leverage the searchability of the company’s name. In the case of PKA, the name “Plastic Kegs” is also a natural search term. This benefitted the company’s SEO efforts as it naturally searches for “plastic kegs” and terms using “plastic kegs” in the search phrase. With its search-friendly name, PKA was well-positioned to attract search traffic to its site based on a product description that users commonly searched for: “plastic kegs.”
  • Structure the new URL around a searchable term. At the outset of the project, GFM conducted keyword studies to determine terms that target consumers would most likely use when searching the Internet. These studies confirmed the choice of as the best URL for PKA as it would enable the new site to attract search traffic for terms using the words "plastic" and "kegs," two strong search terms for PKA, according to the keyword research.
  • Optimize each individual product page. PKA’s target audiences include home brewers, small batch and micro breweries. These consumer groups are very knowledgeable and use detailed, specific search terms when looking for information. Incorporating unique product characteristics into the product page titles, descriptions and keyword tags identified those pages as relevant to detailed consumer search requests. For example, search terms such as “buy plastic 1/6 keg” led users directly to the product page for PKA’s 1/6 size plastic beer keg. Other terms such as "barrel," which is frequently used as alternate term to "keg," were applied in the page titles and descriptions as well.


The first full month following its January 1, 2013, rollout, PKA’s new website performed very well. Among the statistical highlights, the site:

  • Received a total of 1,079 visitors
  • Attracted 479 visitors via the search engines
  • Attracted visitors using a total of 85 unique search terms
  • Utilized 29 different pages as entry points to the site
  • Served 3,609 page views

The users finding the site via the search engines viewed multiple pages and on average spent nearly three minutes reading site content.

As evidenced by GFM’s work with PKA to redesign its website, planning a website upgrade involves much more than simply re-setting the brand and designing a better look and feel. Modifying website directory structure, URL and even the company name (if possible) can all contribute to a site’s success.