Denver, Colorado

Qdoba Mexican Grill: In an election year, we encouraged people to vote with their taste buds

The historic presidential election of 2008 was hailed by media analysts and political pundits alike as the top story of the year. GFM Digital, the social media practice of GroundFloor Media, helped Qdoba Mexican Grill play an active role in the campaign by engaging consumers in their own Taste Bud Politics poll, the second generation of the company’s successful Q-dentity campaign. Taste Bud Politics, which marked Qdoba’s first major foray into social media, employed Facebook, YouTube and MySpace to broadcast details about the program and highlight buzz-worthy consumer interviews collected by street teams in Denver and Minneapolis during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

The program far exceeded its original goal of securing two national media hits by garnering nine national, four local, and 14 top blog hits. In addition, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Flickr fans posted hundreds of YouTube videos, tweets and photo posts resulting in a total audience of more than three million people.

The 2009 PRSA Colorado Gold Pick Award-winning program, which launched in mid-September of the election year, scored well over 100,000 website visits. More than 46,000 customers identified their Q-dentity (their personality as it relates to their preference for Mexican food), and cast their vote for president and vice president – and the end results of the presidential poll actually mirrored CNN’s polling.