The Rise School of Denver | SEO Strategies Increase Exposure for Local Business

  • Challenge

    To improve its website and increase traffic through search engine optimization

  • Solution

    Conducted keyword research, updated content and optimized key pages and meta data

  • Results

    Increased organic search visits by 35 percent and multiple non-branded keywords achieved no.1 search results rankings


A unique nonprofit, preschool providing services to special needs students sought to improve its website to increase local search engine visibility and attract new customers and financial contributors. Although the website provided basic information, it was not well structured or optimized to earn favorable placement in search results.


To kick off the search engine optimization (SEO) project, GFM began by conducting in-depth keyword research to identify the most commonly searched and relevant keyword phrases about preschools for students with special needs.

Armed with keyword data as a guide, GFM made a focused effort to edit and add web content and pages, as appropriate, and better tell the remarkable story of The Rise School and its incredible successes. GFM’s SEO team then created and installed meta data on each page of the website, strategically incorporating the school’s name and brand.

The updated and optimized website was released just prior to a major fundraising and networking event. The modifications made by GFM’s SEO team resulted in improved online visibility for the school and increased its online visitors exponentially.


The Rise School website gained significant improvement in search engine rankings for many targeted keyword phrases, increasing exposure for the school.

  • Total organic (non-paid) search referrals increased 35 percent in one month
  • Total non-branded search referrals increased 157 percent in one month
  • Total impressions in search results increased 182 percent in one month
  • School administrators reported increased calls and requests for information following the launch
  • Rankings for several targeted keyword phrases moved into the number one or top three positions in Google results, including:
    • “Special needs preschool”
    • “Preschool for special needs children”
    • “Schools for special needs”
    • “Young Athletes Program”