SafeHouse Denver | Using an Infographic as a Call to Action

  • Challenge

    Create a simple tool to build awareness and encourage community support for SafeHouse Denver

  • Solution

    Design a moving image about domestic violence and compel viewers to take positive action against it

  • Results

    The infographic increased media interest and engagement on SafeHouse Denver’s social networks


SafeHouse Denver is the only Denver agency that provides emergency shelter, nonresidential counseling and advocacy services to domestic abuse victims. For its 35th anniversary, the organization sought to develop a simple tool to help build awareness of the domestic violence issue and encourage the community to be a part of the solution.


GFM’s Digital Strategy team worked with SafeHouse Denver to create a simple yet moving image to shed light on the issue of domestic violence and compel viewers to take positive action against it. Using the framework of a house to convey the idea of shelter, the infographic included four compelling national statistics related to domestic violence. Those were underscored by a powerful fifth statistic highlighting how SafeHouse Denver can help domestic violence victims reclaim their lives. Underpinning all of these was a call-to-action to individuals to be a part of the solution through donations and/or volunteering. In addition to standing on its own, the infographic was specifically designed so that it could easily be repurposed as an ad or included in printed materials for events.


The SafeHouse Denver infographic was rolled out in conjunction with the organization’s 35th anniversary, as well as part of national Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It was used in media outreach efforts to help GFM tell SafeHouse Denver’s story, on the organization’s website, in printed materials and on social networks. While the statistics are compelling enough to stand on their own, having them in a more visual format resulted in increased interest from media and a significant increase in engagement on SafeHouse Denver’s social networks.