Using Data To Paint a Picture of Colorado’s Health


Every year, the Colorado Health Foundation (Foundation) decides if the state is making the health grade. The Foundation assesses the current status of health, health care and health coverage in Colorado using data collected from federal and state sources, and publishes the information as the annual Colorado Health Report Card. In 2010, the Foundation was readying to issue its fourth Report Card, which included 38 health indicators for good health, and sought help from GroundFloor Media (GFM) to promote how the health of Colorado residents impacts businesses and economic development across the state.


The cornerstone of the campaign was an invite-only event held in conjunction with the official release of the 2010 Report Card in March 2011. GFM helped organize and orchestrate the event, which featured a panel of high-level policy-makers and government officials. The GFM team parlayed its pitching to invite the press to attend, while also painting a bigger picture for them explaining the Report Card indicators and how the grades impact Colorado’s economy. One-on-one media interviews were arranged at the event, which allowed the panel spokespeople to humanize the Foundation’s findings with analogies and put them in economic context. GFM also employed traditional and non-traditional communications tactics to drive media interest in the Report Card for both immediate use and to reference in relevant stories throughout the year. The press release announcing the 2010 Report Card social media was optimized for maximum social media reach and included a prominent call to action.


Nearly 200 guests, including 10 legislators, nine media representatives and 24 community business leaders, attended the March event. GFM secured more than 17 media placements that garnered nearly 28 million impressions. Highlights included feature articles in The Denver Post, Daily Camera, Denver Business Journal, Glenwood Springs Post Independent and on HealthPolicySolutions,com. The team also placed a guest commentary by the Foundation’s CEO Anne Warhover in The Denver Post. Social media efforts paid off with 1,134 visits, 2,947 page views and 923 unique visitors to the Report Card website. The Foundation posted 46 tweets, and GFM tracked more than 118 retweets and mentions from others.