ViaSat Inc./WildBlue | Managing corporate reputation and improving customer satisfaction via social media


In the countdown to its official launch of a new satellite that would enable improved service and growth of the company’s customer base, ViaSat, Inc. sought out GroundFloor Media’s expertise in social media to help make the launch a success. A core element of the support ViaSat required focused on the social media reputation of its subsidiary, WildBlue by ViaSat, which provides high-speed satellite Internet service to consumers in geographic areas underserved by traditional broadband providers. The new satellite represented a growth opportunity for ViaSat and its WildBlue customers, but it was also quickly creating communications challenges due to misconceptions being shared via social networks among both existing and prospective customers.


Given the impending timing of the official satellite launch and the urgency of ViaSat’s timeline for completion of the project, GroundFloor Media assembled a team that immediately began a Digital Snapshot™ for ViaSat that would provide the proper research and understanding of the social media landscape to develop a strategy and tactical plan for regaining control of dialogue about the WildBlue and ViaSat brands, and the impact of the new satellite to customers and their service.

GroundFloor Media’s Digital Snapshots are unique in the industry: A comprehensive study of a company’s online presence developed thanks to not only the latest technologies and tools but also GroundFloor Media’s unmatched experience analyzing meaningful data and developing strategic conclusions from the colorful chaos of social media conversations.

GroundFloor Media’s Digital Snapshot for ViaSat focused on key customer service issues such as quality of service, speed, customer care and pricing. Objectives included:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of WildBlue and ViaSat’s digital reputation in the lead-up to the official satellite launch
  • Identifying specific negative perceptions spreading among existing and prospective customers, and
  • Providing actionable recommendations for social media activities that would enable ViaSat to engage successfully with customers and “move the needle” in positive ways.

Results of the research concluded, among other things, that the overall satellite Internet industry is experiencing a flood of negative comments and posts, but many of them are the result of a lack of factual information and understanding of the industry’s government regulations. Utilizing the Digital Snapshot findings, GroundFloor Media was able to put a specific, actionable and saleable reputation management plan in place.


GroundFloor Media’s Digital Snapshot provided ViaSat with an actionable set of recommended social media initiatives that the company immediately began implementing. Key recommendations adopted by ViaSat included:

  • Creating a dedicated social media team to lead external communications on social media platforms
  • Establishing a rapid response process for reacting quickly and effectively to negative dialogues about WildBlue by ViaSat’s service
  • Implementing a new strategy for management of the company’s Facebook page to regain control of the tone and content of that platform
  • Using a more human, less corporate voice for interaction and engagement with customers
  • Adopting best practices used in the social media efforts of companies renowned for their customer service and satisfaction, and
  • A number of specific steps and content recommendations as part of a 4-phase plan spanning a full year
  • Program implementation and engagement resulted in a 20% reduction of negative commentary on the WildBlue Facebook page over a three-month period.