Children's Hospital Colorado | Children’s Hospital Colorado Tackles Tough Cyberbullying Topic Via Its First-Ever Social Summit

  • Challenge

    Engage key audiences both offline and online regarding the prevalence and dangers of cyberbullying

  • Solution

    Create a summit to share facts, concerns and solutions via social media and in-person activation

  • Results

    #BullyProofSummit became the #1 trending hashtag in Denver; the in-person at the hospital event drew 50 engaged attendees


Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s Colorado) looked to GFM to build upon its previous Tweetchat successes by brainstorming and executing a fresh approach to social media activations, in an effort to raise significant awareness around the prevalence and dangers of cyberbullying.


The #BullyProofSummit concept evolved from a Children’s Colorado patient story and related Colorado legislation that went into effect July 1, 2015, which “amends the definition of harassment to include harassment through interactive electronic mediums.”

For the live panel, GFM and Children’s Colorado secured the mother of the aforementioned patient, two medical experts from the hospital and an influential local mom blogger to ensure varied perspectives. GFM also implemented two new aspects for the event—a livescribe artist to draw, in real time, interpretations of the panel discussion and a large screen facing the live audience to display curated Twitter conversations.

Together, Children’s Colorado and GFM researched powerful statistics related to cyberbullying, along with actionable tips for parents of children who are being bullied or who are actively bullying others. Design teams created a series of infographics for promotional purposes and audience takeaways. Children’s Colorado and GFM worked to pre-promote the Social Summit to numerous networks, including community partners, internal hospital staff, Front Range mom bloggers, local media, neighborhood groups and more.


#BullyProofSummit was the #1 trending hashtag in Denver with approximately 2 million Twitter impressions, 81 distinct hashtag users and 361 individual tweets. Nearly 70 Facebook posts included the hashtag as well. Two TV segments focused on the patient family reached a combined audience of 64,640 viewers. Promotion of the segment on, with an audience of 1,443,427, earned an additional 1,588 Facebook shares, 30 comments and 39 tweets.

The event drew 50 attendees, including top mom bloggers from Mile High Mamas and Attendees also represented the Arvada Police Department, Jefferson County Department of Human Services and Denver Public Schools.