Global Livingston Institute | First Annual Report

  • Challenge

    The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) needed an effective annual report to highlight organizational successes.

  • Solution

    GFM combined content and photos from GLI with custom designs to create a cohesive report.

  • Results

    The final report is professional, fun and informative, highlighting GLI’s major achievements.


The Global Livingston Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating a more global understanding of poverty and its impact on fostering healthy communities, needed an annual report to showcase its growth. For its first official report, the organization wanted to create something powerful. The GLI team approached GFM, having seen our work on reports for other nonprofits, like Tennyson Center for Children.


Using content from the client, including photos from previous trips to East Africa, GFM crafted three different design possibilities. GLI immediately connected with one and the full design process began, starting with the development of a cohesive structure for the report. The report draws on GLI’s connection with Africa by tying in a playful pattern throughout all the pages. Photos remain the most important element of the report because of their realness, emphasizing GLI’s connection with the communities where they work.


The client loved the final report, writing, “you and your team are phenomenal!! I don't know what to say or how to thank you! But you have set a very high bar for our first annual report.”