Abby Hagstrom | Senior Director of Communications

Biography | The Real Story

Abby Hagstrom is an accomplished communications professional who brings a decade of experience developing and managing PR, communications and marketing programs to her role at GroundFloor Media (GFM). Her career has been divided between both corporations and agencies in industries ranging from food & beverage to enterprise technology.

Most recently, Abby managed communications initiatives for T3Media, a Denver-based video management and licensing services provider. As senior communications manager, she directed all of the company’s media and analyst relations, developed marketing campaigns and sales collateral, drove the content marketing and social media activities, and coordinated participation in industry events. With direct oversight of a marketing budget in excess of $1 million, Abby also managed relationships with outside agencies, as well as with industry associations and technology partners.

Prior to T3Media, Abby led many of the media programs for Philosophy Communications as the boutique PR agency’s media relations director. Her strength in establishing and cultivating media relationships helped her elevate the profile of brands such as Smashburger, HomeAid Colorado, the Town of Frisco and ToolWatch.

Abby also held several positions with Formula PR where she served as the primary account lead for a number of clients including Littler Mendelson, Tecate, Turks & Caicos Islands and Avid. Among other tasks, Abby was responsible for setting the strategic direction for her client’s PR programs, launching new products and developing marketing and PR materials.

Abby holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Colorado. When she’s not traveling to the far corners of the world, you can find Abby enjoying tennis, yoga, skiing, hiking and biking.

Biography | The Real Story

The Adventurous Altruist
Abby played a ballerina in a tire commercial when she was 5, twirling in tulle amid the auto hardware. Lucky for us, her acting career never materialized. After considering and ruling out a legal career, she ended up in marketing and loves working with her GroundFloor Media teammates and clients, whom she describes as simply, “awesome.”

Abby- Abs, for short – has a soft spot for businesses and organizations that provide goods or services that enhance people’s experiences and improve their quality of life. For this reason, one of the people she most admires is Angelina Jolie. While the mega-successful actress could easily hole up in a mansion with her family when she’s not on set, she chooses to travel the globe to advocate for women, children and human rights, even in some of the most dangerous spots in the world.

Abby also shares Jolie’s love of exotic travel. Her favorite vacation is not Cancun or Miami Beach or even New York City, but striking out for any place in South America, from Cuzco to La Paz to Ipanema.

Don’t let her fool you, though - Her penchant for social justice and foreign travel doesn’t mean she’s always serious. She knows how to lighten the mood, too. She enjoys collecting wine corks – which of course requires tasting the latest vinos – and she has been known to indulge in celebrity gossip by kicking back with a tabloid or two.

Top 5:
Pet Peeve: Slow Drivers
Pet: Boozer, her Golden Retriever
Rocks out to: Lorde, Mumford & Sons, Avicii
Would never rock out to: Country
Secretly rocks out to: Katy Perry