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Alexis Anderson is driven by a true passion for social media and influencer relations in addition to her roots in traditional communications. She develops strategic media, influencer and social media programs and regularly counsels clients on message development, new product introductions, company expansion, issues management, social media content development, and local and national media relations strategy and execution. Alexis excels at finding “the hook” today’s changing media landscape requires for telling unique stories and has secured coverage for GFM clients including Door to Door Organics, 34 Degrees, Oskar Blues Brewery, Earth Balance and the Colorado Garden Foundation in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Startups, Shape, Food & Wine, The Daily Meal, The Denver Post, the Denver Business Journal, 5280 magazine, CompanyWeek and more.

Prior to joining GFM, Alexis managed natural foods, consumer electronics products, high-tech and travel accounts at Formula PR in San Diego, Calif. She has worked with clients such as Kashi Company, Popchips, Stretch Island Fruit Company, Karisma Resorts, Avid Technology, ConocoPhillips Lubricants and the Los Angeles Marathon, and secured coverage with outlets such as the TODAY Show, USA Today, Good Housekeeping and Elite Traveler.

Earlier in her career, Alexis oversaw local, regional and national media for the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles Marathon at The Blaze Company in Los Angeles. In addition to managing press for the internationally attended race, she played an integral role in driving media coverage for consumer clients such as 7-Eleven, Bamboo Pet and Pure Beauty.

Alexis earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colo. Originally from Los Angeles, Alexis happily resides in Denver with her husband, young son and their rambunctious collie/lab.

Biography | The Real Story

Growing up in Los Angeles, Alexis was one of the few who didn’t fantasize about a career on the big screen. Instead, she dreamed of days spent indoors, bathed in the white, fluorescent lights buzzing overheard while she made the world a better place working with patients in need. But after a few math classes, it was clear that she was no young M.D., so she set her sights on the small screen, with plans to become a news reporter. From there, she would be able to tell the world the marvels of modern medicine – all without a single calculus course.

Oh, we tease. You see, “Lex” (yes, you can call her that, too) actually does continue to make the world a better place just by channeling the positive nature of her dear grandmother who passed away in 2009. Alexis tells us how her grandmother was such a great listener, never gossiped and could see the good side of pretty much everyone. Funny – that’s how we see Alexis. Only add in motivated, charismatic and hilarious. She’s willing to look past poor first impressions, doesn’t hold grudges and surrounds herself with people who laugh hard and often. So yeah, we think her grandmother would be pretty proud.

Of course nobody’s perfect. We’ve tried to turn this Lakers fan into a Nuggets gal, but to no avail. Her friends are still trying to convince her to cheer for the home team when the rival teams aren’t playing head-to-head.

Alexis does have an incurable obsession with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, so it’s too darned bad that Twitter wasn’t around during the college months she spent in Europe. We’d most likely have seen our fair share of Twitpics from the four times birds chose her shoulder to use as a loo. But that’s supposed to be lucky, right?

Well, finding Alexis was certainly a stroke of luck for GFM. And that’s the straight poop.

Top Five:
On the iPod: Adele, Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jay-Z
Pet Peeves: Bees, raisins, bananas and traffic
Collections: Shoes, purses, clothes
Guilty Pleasure: Amazon Prime
The Inside Scoop: Double-jointed hands help her multitask on various social media outlets.

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