Amy Claire Wild | Senior Director of Communications

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Amy Claire Wild brings more than 35 years of experience in global market strategy development, business growth, organizational strategy and communications to GFM clients. Her expertise and track record in the technology, outsourcing, professional services and software industries have earned her a reputation for putting companies, from Fortune 500 multinationals to privately held startups, on successful paths of profitable new growth.

Before joining the GFM team, Amy Claire was vice president of global marketing for TeleTech, a business process outsourcer operating in 19 countries. There, she refocused the company’s marketing strategy and sales positioning, which resulted in revitalized new business growth. Before her time at TeleTech, she served in a similar role for customer care outsourcing specialist StarTek.

During her tenure as vice president of marketing at security startup Webroot, she repositioned its brand identity and refocused its product portfolio, producing product line penetration in retail and online channels and doubling revenue for eight consecutive quarters prior to a $120M venture investment transaction. At London-based e-commerce specialist Izodia, Amy Claire led marketing operations across 11 countries and was credited with delivering unprecedented new opportunity qualification and an innovative brand position across three continents.

She spent a “formative 15” years early in her career at Electronic Data Systems. There, she developed business-entry, product/service and organizational/acquisition strategies for emerging markets that contributed more than $1 billion in new revenue from the company’s clients in financial services, health care, transportation, government and high-technology industries. Her teams have earned recognition as Best Competitive Intelligence Organization by The Futures Group/Deloitte Touche, Best in the Industry for market influencer relations by Gartner Dataquest and both gold and silver medals for branding and communications from the Business Marketing Association.

Amy Claire began her professional career with General Motors in 1978 in industrial engineering and computing and earned her bachelor’s degree from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University), GM’s private undergraduate engineering program.

Originally from Seattle, Amy Claire has lived in West Africa, the United Kingdom and across the United States.

Biography | The Real Story

Line Worker
She was raised in a curious combo of locations: Seattle, Detroit and West Africa. As a child, she hopped across the pond each year to stay with family and “blue up” her British blood. Later, she returned to live and work in London. She also moved on to do the same in Washington, D.C., Dallas, New York and Chicago. She finally landed in Denver, lured here during the dot-com heyday.

So it’s safe to say that Amy Claire Wild is no stranger to change.

But whether you know her as Amy Claire, Aim, A.C., Ace, Duckie or Twinkle, rest assured that the Wild part is definitely right on. Who else do you know that’s been attacked by a swarm of army ants while walking through the jungle? Yep – as a young girl in West Africa, she was literally swarmed from head to toe in biting ants about a half-inch in size – ants that can eat through wood! You can probably guess that she’s not a big fan of any type of ant these days. Perhaps this is why her precious twin nieces call her “Auntie Aim,” and not “Aunt.” That’s a little too close for comfort!

Always the little engineer that could, Amy Claire quickly got over the sting of her youth and ended up, quite honestly, much tougher than she looks. She even worked on an automotive assembly line while living in Detroit. Of course, this was part of her undergraduate training for an engineering program. And of course she found this work to be unbearable. But it was, she claims, great motivation to complete college.

Speaking of torch-wielding, if you ever invite her to dinner, ask her to bring dessert. She’ll come packing her very own kitchen torch to create her specialty: white chocolate crème brulee. Just don’t ask her for tips on how to use that torch to pimp your ride. It seems she left her knowledge of automobiles on the assembly line.

The line work actually did pay off. How so? Well, she possesses an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture. It’s like she can look into the future and see how the individual pieces ultimately link together. Which is why she’s so valuable to GFM. That, and the crème brulee!

Amy Claire is equally happy keeping track of global business with The Economist and getting her fill of “Hollywood 411” via People magazine. Similarly, you can find her engrossed in a high-brow independent film one day, followed by that low-brow classic Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby the next. She drinks her Starbucks through a straw, keeps an impeccable home to showcase her museum-worthy art collection and only has one weakness (besides Champagne, fromage and shrimp) and that’s frequent-flier miles, which she regularly cashes in for her true passion: creating vacation memories.

Top Five:
On the iPod: Sylvester
Pet Peeve: 1] Prejudice  2] Any absence of table manners
Collections: Moving boxes...just in case
Guilty Pleasure: Graeter’s Coconut Chocolate Chip ice cream
The inside scoop: It takes anywhere from two to five alarm clocks to rattle me out of bed in the morning