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Ben Hock works closely with clients that require digital and graphic design elements as part of their integrated communications campaigns. Ben has broad experience in graphic design, web design and animation, and he has a unique eye for style and a deep understanding of virtual environments.

Most recently, Ben worked as a freelance animator producing commercials from the script phase through final editing for a wide variety of clients. He also honed his craft creating an original web series, as well as motion comics. One of Ben’s recent projects included animating a pilot for the French cartoon Le Piaf (“The Sparrow”).

He was previously a creative designer for Ives Services, a Denver-based provider of online marketing solutions for the health care industry. On top of developing custom content and graphics for physicians’ websites, Ben designed logos and informational press kits that supported clients’ branding and external communications. Additionally, he created videos and animation that served as educational tools for individual doctors and larger medical practices.

Prior to returning to Denver, Ben was highly involved with the Maryland Institute College of Art’s programs. As a teaching assistant, he taught animation and illustration classes to a young group of students, and he was a program manager and orientation leader who organized major events and led a group of student volunteers.

Ben earned his bachelor of fine arts in animation with a literary studies minor at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, graduating with top honors. When he’s not working on new iPhone apps or his original web series, you can find him brewing some tasty craft beers at home or studying to become a Certified Cicerone (beer sommelier).

Biography | The Real Story

The Magician
As a kid growing up in Denver, Ben loved comic books and dreamed of one day becoming a comic book illustrator. There was something about stepping into a world of magic (which he also dabbled in, performing tricks for family and friends), with heroes and villains and outfits that were way cooler than any he saw any real adults wearing. Clark Kent was his favorite, not necessarily because of his super powers, but because of his humility and solid morals. Ben admired that even though Superman was greater than any person on earth, he chose to conceal that greatness for the benefit of the planet.

Ben didn’t go into comics, but as GroundFloor Media’s Director of Creative Development and Digital Strategy, he gets to leverage the magical super powers of technology and creativity on a daily basis. While he does so, he likes to listen to bands like My Morning Jacket, Beach House, Ray LaMontagne and Ryan Adams to keep the juices flowing.

But don’t let all of this talk of creativity lead you to believe that Ben is disorganized. Far from it. He actually organizes his DVD/Blu-ray collection – which weighs in with a respectable 400+ titles - by genre, sub-genre, and year of release. Yeah. Wow, right? The animation section alone features Disney movies in chronological order. We appreciate that. It’s always nice to know that your head of digital strategy isn’t going to be losing his office keys and passwords every day in the pursuit of artistic genius.

Top 5
Nickname: Bumby. His brother had a book with a character named “Benjamin Bumble,” so when Ben was born, he started calling him that. It was soon shortened to “Bumby,” and it stuck.
Brush with fame: He once saw former Nuggets center Chris Andersen/”Birdman” at DIA and later met him at a karaoke bar. Birdman was apparently surprisingly friendly.
Special talent: celebrity impersonations
Described as: generous, weird, and playful
Favorite vacation: Anywhere where the sun is shining and there’s good food, friends, and beer.

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