Carrie Odberg | Director of First Impressions

Biography | The Real Story

With more than 14 years of office administration experience, Carrie Odberg provides support to the GFM team and its respective client partners. She is the friendly voice that answers the phones and the first smile clients and staff see when they walk in the door.

Before joining GFM, Carrie worked as a fund development assistant for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the largest breast cancer foundation in the country. She developed guidelines for the organization’s annual events, managed the donor database and helped coordinate the group’s annual Pink Tie Affair fundraising event.

Before working at the Komen Foundation, Carrie spent six years supporting the marketing/communications department at Morris Animal Foundation, the leading nonprofit providing funding for veterinary research to benefit companion animal and wildlife health. As a member of the marketing and communications team, she handled daily customer inquiries through the foundation’s website and hotline, provided editorial support to the organization’s quarterly newsletter and managed many of the department’s daily operations.

Carrie earned an associate degree in music business from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. She lives in Centennial with her husband. In Carrie’s spare time, she can usually be found volunteering for animal charities, checking out the latest movie or concert or having a great dinner with friends.

Biography | The Real Story

Organizer Extraordinaire
While we have no proof that she was making lists and organizing corporate events in the womb, Carrie Odberg is the champion of list making. She realized early on that her managerial skills were something special. Rather than settle for the typical babysitting gigs offered to kids her age (rumor has it that their playrooms were too cluttered), Carrie decided that her keen organizational skills and welcoming smile would be better put to use by running the front office of her father’s business – at the mere age of 13.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Carrie relished being an only child, but not for the usual spoiled-child reasons. Self-sufficient and fiercely independent at an early age, Carrie was quick to develop her masterful multitasking techniques and always-welcoming Midwestern style – two traits that would serve her well throughout her life and career. It took no less than 300 days of sunshine and an endless supply of good hair days to lure her west to Colorado. While that move took place more than 15 years ago, we can still hear traces of that great “long o” Minnesotan accent. Ya, Minnesooooota.

A lifelong lover of music and animals, Carrie once dreamed of becoming either a record promoter or a veterinarian. While her career ultimately took a slightly different path, she can still be found researching the newest bands, checking out a concert with friends (especially if it’s U2) or working with a local nonprofit for animals.

As you probably can guess, Carrie is a huge proponent of lists – and not just for simple household to-do’s or the weekly grocery shopping. From ordering supplies to scheduling office events to planning her weekend activities, nothing is too mundane or too abstract to not be included on one of Carrie’s famous lists. Her organizational skills are quickly becoming the stuff of office legend, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither would we.

Top Five:
On the iPod: Lots of U2, Matchbox 20, Coldplay and Maroon Five
Pet Peeve: People who don't treat their animals like family
Collections: Snowman Christmas ornaments
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream and a quiet time to read
The Inside Scoop: Have seen U2 in concert 8 times and counting