Claire Mylott | Senior Director of Communications

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Claire Mylott brings clients more than 18 years of communications experience, particularly in the business-to-business, crisis communication, issues management and financial sectors. Claire believes the best communications drive business goals, and as a result, she has a laser focus on communications metrics. In addition to her experience in financial, tech and corporate communications, Claire is part of GFM’s health & wellness team, pitching in on everything from major health-related transactions to launching anti-obesity campaigns. Because she’s a veteran of both agency and corporate communications environments, Claire brings an extremely well-rounded approach to public relations.

Before joining the GFM team, Claire was the director of corporate communications at Qwest Communications. In that role, she managed external, internal and executive communications for the company’s multibillion-dollar enterprise and its government and wholesale business units. At Qwest, Claire managed several strategic PR efforts for such deals as the $7.05 billion sale of the company’s DEX directory asset and a $20 billion federal government Networx contract, earning coverage in national financial press such as “Mad Money” with Jim Cramer, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

Before joining Qwest, Claire served as the director of media relations for TeleTech, an international contact center corporation. At TeleTech, she was instrumental in creating a public relations campaign for a corporate-wide rebranding project. She began her career with Silicon Valley-based public relations firm The Hoffman Agency. At The Hoffman Agency, Claire provided strategic public relations counsel and extensive media relations support to numerous high-tech clients including Hewlett-Packard, National Semiconductor and Hyundai Electronics. She managed extensive business-to-business customer testimonial and case study programs, executive visibility and media relations as well as industry analyst relations.

Claire grew up in Phoenix and earned two bachelor’s degrees from Santa Clara University. She moved to Denver in 1999 and enjoys the Rocky Mountains with her husband, two daughters and dog.

Biography | The Real Story

Mama Bear
Our desert flower, Claire Mylott, comes to GFM from Phoenix, Ariz. Growing up there, she witnessed the metamorphosis of her hometown into a major metropolis. Of course, she also witnessed the metamorphosis of her fair Irish skin in the unforgiving sun. Although she still pays the price today, she did attempt to keep it under cover by taking her first paid gig indoors, earning $3.75 an hour at Suzy’s “Mama Bear” Daycare. She now makes a little bit more at GFM, but she definitely hangs onto the Mama Bear moniker with two beautiful young daughters at home.

Looking back, Claire had her own childhood dreams. A lot of them, in fact. They involved future work as a gymnast, an actress, a doctor, a teacher, a singer, an ad exec, a marine biologist, a psychologist, a lawyer, an advocate (although she’s not really sure for what), a CEO, a stay-at-home mom and a food stylist. (Did we mention that Claire is a Gemini?) To her credit, when asked today, she says that if she had the time, she’d still do them all. Plus, she kind of gets to with her wide range of clients.

So what does this chatty Catholic school grad’s memory chip recall most fondly from her high school days? Strangely, it was her closet, brimming with basics in navy, khaki and plaid. Apparently you can take the girl out of the Catholic school, but you can’t take the Catholic school out of the girl. Count on her to show up to dinner wearing a white shirt, griping about trendy items and championing the traditional. Thank goodness because we think that her “re-use” mentality came by way of having no annual back-to-school fashion frenzies, turning instead to a passion for recycling. To this day, and much to her husband’s chagrin, she can still be caught rifling through alley trash cans in search of errant bottles to add to the bin.

So there you have it. Our Claire. Call her “Mama Bear,” call her “Claire-Bear,” heck, you can even call her “Mrs. My-you-talk-a-Lott.” Just don’t call her on football season Saturdays because she’s probably busy watching the Notre Dame game.

Top Five:
On the iPod: Everything from Pearl Jam to Taylor Swift to Dr. Dre
Pet Peeve: Not recycling plastic bottles, cardboard or other easy stuff
Collections: Do a lot of broken cell phones count?
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate
The inside scoop: Dedicated fan of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”