Get Grounded

Get GroundedAt GFM, we believe it is important to practice what we preach. That’s why we created the GroundFloor Media Get Grounded® Program. The program offers all team members the opportunity to actively participate in important social causes within their community. GFM team members can choose to volunteer time through the donation of paid time off or to receive cash grants to nonprofits, schools or other Section 501(c)(3) organizations or projects for which they volunteer. GroundFloor Media’s Get Grounded program keeps us all grounded in what matters.

“I appreciate the fact that we are all encouraged to join boards that fulfill our passions. GroundFloor Media has not only supported my board activity for Cooking Matters Colorado, but has also afforded me the opportunity to participate in Share Our Strength’s Annual Conference of Leaders in order to increase my involvement as a volunteer with both Cooking Matters Colorado and Share Our Strength’s culinary events. The Get Grounded Program allows me to donate my time to helping to end childhood hunger in America by 2015 – a cause very dear to my heart."
– Kristina Reilly


“I appreciate working for a company that truly walks the talk when it comes to supporting and investing in the local community. GroundFloor Media supports me as I volunteer for Metro CareRing, a Denver food pantry, and serve as an active member of its board of directors. The Get Grounded Program allows me the flexibility to donate my time and expertise where it's needed most."
– Barb Jones


“The Get Grounded Program allows me the opportunity to volunteer at my sons’ schools each month. During that time, I’m able to watch my boys grow and learn in an environment that can only be seen during the workday. The flexibility of the program is very rewarding for me, and I believe, equally appreciated by my kids and their teachers.”
– Wendy Artman


“In September 2007, through the Get Grounded Program, I was able to travel to Ladakh, India, for several weeks and volunteer at the dZi Foundation’s dental and vision clinics. The dZi Foundation is a Colorado-based nonprofit focused on improving the quality of life in Himalayan communities through sustainable health and educational programs. The time spent helping these 1,000 children, many of whom had never owned a toothbrush or been tested for glasses, profoundly affected my thinking and opened my heart more than I ever could have anticipated.”
– Laura Love