GroundFloor Media Lands New National Client

The Menopause The Musical Out Loud Tour added to GFM's expanding client list

Boulder, CO – February 28, 2005 – GroundFloor Media, Inc. (GFM), a Boulder-based public relations firm, announced today that it signed an agreement with Hayes & Associates to spearhead a major public relations effort for The Menopause The Musical Out Loud Tour.

Since 2001, the hilarious show, Menopause The Musical, has been entertaining and inspiring women. The production has brought audiences together throughout the country in a celebration of this important, and natural, passage in a woman's life. The work of writer/producer Jeanie Linders, Menopause The Musical is a 90-minute production which includes alterations of popular songs from the '60's and '70's, and culminates with a salute to women who are experiencing "The Change."

Recognizing that the show can be a valuable tool for encouraging dialogue, disseminating information and raising funds to promote women's health, the show is launching The Menopause The Musical Out Loud Tour late this year and will visit up to 50 cities nationwide through spring of 2006.

About GroundFloor Media
GroundFloor Media (GFM) is a Colorado-based public relations agency. Founded in April 2001, the agency was named a Colorado “success story” by PR Week. GFM develops customized public relations campaigns for clients nationwide across many sectors including technology, hospitality, healthcare, venture capital, services and government sectors. GFM’s unique business model has been featured in Entrepreneur, PR Week, PR News, The Denver Post, The Boulder County Business Report and The Boulder Daily Camera. Clients include MolsonCoors, CENTRIX Financial, The 2006 National Games of the Special Olympics, Morris Animal Foundation, Wild Divine and MX Logic. For more information, call 303.865.8119. For a complete list of clients and capabilities, visit