GFM's 38 & West Program

GroundFloor Media 38 & West Program LogoGroundFloor Media (GFM) was founded with an entrepreneurial mindset in the basement of Founder Laura Love’s home in Boulder, Colo. Nearly all of the decisions made early on – such as leveraging experienced team members, maximizing resources, and a focus on work/life blend – continue to be the cornerstone of how we run our agency. Put simply, we love the entrepreneurial, scrappy, flexible and human approach to growing a business, and we love working with like-minded organizations that get it.

GFM’s 38 & West program was created as a way to allow the agency to partner with companies that have specific marketing communications needs, but do not have the budgets to retain an agency for ongoing annual work. Our 38 & West work varies from client to client, but often includes proactive media relations, message and branding development, social media strategy and implementation, digital content development, SEO or crisis communication planning.

Why 38 & West? Colorado is the 38th state, and we like to find ways to work with companies in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West – companies that have great stories to tell and that make products and deliver services that we’re all proud of.

GFM takes on a limited number of 38 & West clients each year and partners to identify their pressing and vital communications and marketing needs over a six-month timeframe. Then the team develops a tailored and efficient plan that fits within a budget that works for companies at this pivotal stage in their growth cycle.

Examples of homegrown companies that have benefitted from this type of work include:

We’ve been there, we still work with that same startup scrappiness, and we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in working with GFM’s 38 & West program. To learn more, email