Jon Woods | Senior Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy

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Jon Woods brings a diverse marketing and digital background to the GFM team. As a member of the firm’s digital team, Jon provides strategy and solutions to help GFM’s clients achieve complex marketing and communications goals. Jon works with consumer brands and B2B clients across a variety of industries ranging from education and finance to health & wellness and food & beverage. From social media and digital advertising to video production and interactive design, Jon utilizes a variety of online tools to reach the right audience, at the right time.

His past experiences range from leading a marketing team responsible for multiple channels and re-launching a commercial interiors business line at Staples, to founding and managing the award-winning Ralphie Report, the largest independent online University of Colorado Buffaloes community, which is frequently referenced by national news sites such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

Jon tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit by serving as the director of content and community for the new media channel Something Independent, an organization that aims to "bring the stories of Colorado's entrepreneurs to life."

When not working on one project or another, Jon enjoys traveling to college football games and getting as many days on his skis as he can.

Biography | The Real Story

Jon Woods is based in Denver, but has lived his life across the country. Wherever he lived, it seemed, he always knew that he’d end up working in marketing. So clearly, by hiring him as GFM’s senior director of social media and digital strategy, we’re making his dreams come true. (Cue relevant Hall & Oates song.)

A huge sports fan, Jon has a ridiculously overgrown collection of approximately 300 ticket stubs from all the major sporting events he’s ever attended, from Super Bowls to National Championship games to Stanley Cups, and more. But while he loves the big event, most of his sports love is reserved for Pittsburgh, a city he once called home. And specifically for Roberto Clemente and Mario Lemieux, two notable sports figures who’ve gained his respect for their commitments to giving back to others But the one person he admires the most? His own mother. Her work ethic is unmatched and she pours her heart and soul into every endeavor that she takes on. And well, as the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Jon’s strict self-imposed 9:30 bedtime ensures that he’ll be on his game early, ready to help clients reach their goals as well.

During the fall and winter Jon spends nearly all of his free time watching and traveling to college football games. A former ski instructor, he still tries to get in at least 30 days on the slopes. His only pet growing up was a carnival goldfish he won as a kid, and named Oscar. His little brother quickly followed suit and brought home a pet fish of his own. One that ultimately found Oscar to be quite delicious. He’s since forgiven his brother, and remains a happy, energetic, and loyal grownup. He and his wife life in Denver where they remain pet-free, well, for obvious reasons.

Top Five
On the iPod: Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene, St. Lucia, Washed Out
Pet Peeve: Heat, it’s the worst. 
Collections: Ticket stubs, wine
Guilty Pleasure: Indie movies & concerts, gummy anything
The Inside Scoop: Smell of a fire on a cold, sunny day is just about perfection. Add in a glass of good bourbon and it IS perfection. 

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