Kimberly Langston | Senior Director of Communications

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Whether navigating the complexity of health care marketing or juggling the demands of crisis management, Kimberly Langston has been applying her strategic communication skills to benefit organizations since 1995.

After starting her career in public relations with the publicly traded billion-dollar security company Diebold, Kimberly moved to Colorado to hone her community and media relations skills as a public information officer with the West Metro Fire Protection District. In this role, she managed multiple crises for high-profile events and helped position this special district as one of the most recognized emergency service agencies along the Front Range, garnering news placements that averaged more than $130,000 in advertising equivalency value per month.

With her crisis communication skills well tested, Kimberly was drafted to mitigate a two-year financial crisis and act as spokesperson for the then-struggling nonprofit aquarium Ocean Journey (now known as Downtown Aquarium). There, she implemented community programs and built internal and external support throughout a lengthy bankruptcy reorganization, which ultimately helped save the business. Before that challenge, Kimberly spent a year expanding her skills in the technology field as part of Baum, Arensmeier & Talent, a high-tech marketing firm with clients across the United States and Asia.

With such a diverse background, Kimberly easily transitioned into the health care arena, where she earned awards for her community outreach programs, designed effective advertising and sales campaigns and helped build credibility for physician groups; for Swedish Medical Center, a 368-bed hospital/trauma center; and for Invision Sally Jobe, a network of community imaging centers in the Denver metro area.

Throughout her career Kimberley has continued to take on leadership roles with professional associations, earning national accreditation, mentoring young practitioners, guest lecturing at colleges, organizing peer conferences and sharing the lessons she’s learned in national publications. Her director-level responsibilities have demonstrated her success at motivating teams and managing both small and large budgets.

Kimberly received her bachelor’s degree in public relations and business management from Kent State University. She was pursuing a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Colorado Denver before she moved to Grand Junction, Colo.

Kimberly enjoys spending time with her husband, training her deaf dog, volunteering with local schools and a medical alliance, riding her bike and tackling home improvement projects.

Biography | The Real Story

Happy homebody
“Give people the benefit of the doubt at all times. Until proven otherwise, people deserve respect and kindness from the start.” Words of wisdom from our very own Kimberly Langston.

Kimberly hails from Detroit and grew up in a small town in Ohio. But while she doesn’t get back to the Midwest often, she fondly recalls her first job there: manning the drive-through of a local McDonald’s. Getting her first taste of PR at age 16 - along with a side of fries - Kimberly confirmed at an early age that she loves working with people.

So why would a conscientious former flautist with a penchant for dance get picked on regularly by her partner? Well, it seems her mouth and her mind don’t always meld. Nerves can make her forget how to say the simplest things, and when she’s excited, she’s been known to cram a string of thoughts into one interesting bit of gibberish. When she does this, her husband usually comments, “What can I say, she’s from Detroit!” Lucky for him, she still cherishes their three-week honeymoon in England, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. She and her firefighter-turned-physician husband continue to enjoy traveling together. While Kimberly favors Vancouver because, in her words, “they have everything there,” the couple’s recent trips to Hawaii may yet turn this pale Midwesterner into a beach lover!

She’s considerate and supportive yet somehow still late with birthday cards. Our favorite secret to spill on Kimberly is that in college she collected squirrel figurines. A self-described homebody, she loves dogs and is currently the proud “mama” of a deaf sheltie mix.

In her down time, Kimberly can often be found redecorating the once entirely white interior of her home, watching HGTV and DIY for fresh new – and colorful – ideas. So when she’s not being mistaken for Cameron Diaz or carving some muscle at Pilates class, she tends to avoid condescending people, cruise around in a practical used car (did we mention she’s a Virgo?) and enjoy a good ol’ bottle of vino from time to time. She claims she could live on PB&J, iced tea and gelato. Now that’s pretty squirrely!

Top Five:
On the iPod: Lots of workout mixes including, of course, Eye of the Tiger
Pet Peeve: A messy house
Collections: None since my husband “lost” my squirrels when we moved
Guilty Pleasure: Watching useless, mind-numbing TV way too often
The inside scoop: I take the mantra “Everything happens for a reason” seriously