Kimmie Greene | Senior Director of Communications

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Kimmie Greene brings 16 years of public relations and marketing experience from a wide range of companies, including nonprofit organizations, government agencies and multinational corporations. With this experience, she has developed a keen understanding of how to work with both internal and external stakeholders to implement campaigns that maximize awareness and achieve targeted business goals. Kimmie’s industry experience naturally lends itself to her overseeing many of our financial, BtoB and technology accounts.

Most recently, Kimmie spent more than three years with Level 3 Communications, one of the largest telecommunications network operators in the world. In this role, she managed media and analyst relations for new product launches, network expansions, financial earnings and corporate acquisitions across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. She also coordinated outreach initiatives in support of Level 3’s grant-funding award under the federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. She also managed the company’s sponsorship initiatives as an official provider for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Before her work with Level 3, Kimmie combined her interest in technology with her passion for education by working for the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Education Leaders Council and the After-School All-Stars. With each organization, she initiated communications, marketing and grass-roots advocacy campaigns to advance education access and quality, particularly for low-income youth. Campaign outreach resulted in radio, television and print news coverage by The Associated Press, National Public Radio, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Earlier in her career, Kimmie worked for a public relations firm focused on the high-tech industry in San Francisco. She also served as the marketing manager for a startup equipment finance company, backed by Softbank Venture Capital, in Mountain View, Calif.

Kimmie earned a bachelor's degree in international studies from Kenyon College in Ohio. She had the chance to study abroad in France and Senegal.

In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, cycling, cooking and traveling. Kimmie lives in Boulder with her husband and their dog.

Biography | The Real Story

Resident Locavore
Kimmie Greene once imagined herself an interior designer and could often be found in her family’s garage pacing while taking a handful of orders over a disconnected phone from any number of imaginary yet exacting clients. Instead of wallpaper and drapery, she chose a career that helps clients cover their walls with an invaluable range of media clips. Of course, we’re thrilled that she chose public relations over interior design, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. She still continues her quest for interior form and function by tracking down the latest in American pottery and textiles. You can often find her in search of handmade treasures and the next great find at local craft markets.

Sensitive, gregarious and loyal, Kimmie kicked off her career in 1985 – at the ripe old age of 12 – when she joined a crew of local kids who worked for minimum wage trimming, collating, folding and stapling the Town of Telluride’s phone book. Fortunately, since Telluride had only 1,500 full-time residents and five-digit phone numbers at the time, the job wasn’t too laborious. But after all that, it’s no wonder she moved on to the news.

A self-proclaimed locavore, Kimmie looks up to Alice Waters above all. But it’s not just Waters’ restaurant and locally grown organic foods that keep Kimmie’s attention – it’s Waters’ national voice in the fight against childhood obesity and promoting the Edible Schoolyard program to improve school lunches - a cause close to Kimmie’s heart. When she’s not cruising around Boulder on her favorite purple bike (one of the seven in her garage), she can be found on the Boulder-Denver bus, proclaiming how RTD changed her life.

In addition to the bikes, she and her husband share their home with their daughter, six pairs of skis, myriad other mountain gear and a pedigreed mutt named Izzie. Kimmie and her husband also dream about opening their own restaurant someday – a gathering place with lots of quinoa, craft brews and local wines. As for travel, she is a big fan of Scandinavia, but she thinks that nothing beats a “staycation” if you live in Boulder. We have to wonder, would she be so smitten if she had to hand-make Boulder’s phone book?

Top Five
On the iPod: Poi Dog Pondering, Weepies and local favorite Kort McCumber
Pet Peeves: Mean people
Collections: Cowbells
Guilty Pleasure: Her husband’s latest home brew and cheese tasting at Cured, one of the newest additions to Boulder’s foodie scene
The Inside Scoop: She’s gone on a date with “The Bachelor,” crashed a White House event and can do the worm-- fortunately, never all at the same time