Rebecca Scanlan | Senior Director of Communications

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Rebecca Scanlan draws on more than 13 years of communications experience to implement programs that push past the boundaries of traditional PR and focus on outcome rather than output. She has worked with a variety of GFM technology clients, providing strategic communications counsel and garnering impressive media coverage results.

She has managed award-winning programs for many top technology players, and her industry knowledge spans consumer electronics, Internet, enterprise hardware and software, mobile computing, security, Web services, telecommunications, medical, government and surveillance, among other sectors.

Before joining GFM, Rebecca served as account director for international PR firm The Hoffman Agency, directing programs for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business divisions of Sony Electronics and Amazon as well as numerous other accounts. She managed the Sony Electronics account for more than five years and was instrumental in many of the company’s successful worldwide product launches. Rebecca was also a working force behind a launch for Amazon’s search engine that generated more than 98 million impressions, including more than 100 broadcast hits.

Some of Rebecca’s other accounts have included iPass, Quantum, Gadzoox, Cybrant, CyberSource, National Semiconductor, SYNNEX and Sonigistix. She’s also supervised PR activities for industry associations and alliances. Her work has earned her clients placements in outlets such as The Associated Press, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, Fortune, Town & Country, Popular Mechanics,, CNN and “The Today Show.”

Rebecca has received numerous awards, including a Holmes Award, a League of American Communications Professionals Spotlight gold award, a Business Marketing Association Beacon silver award, a PRSA Compass merit award and the award for Best Technology PR Project from the Institute of PR of Singapore.

Before joining The Hoffman Agency, Rebecca held a marketing position with NTN Communications, the nation’s largest interactive entertainment network. In that role, she was tasked with managing marketing and promotional activities for the Colorado region.

Rebecca has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Colorado.

A Colorado native, she now lives on the North Shore of Oahu and can be found sailing, kayaking or learning how to catch waves (small ones) in her spare time.

Biography | The Real Story

Nature Girl
Ironically, Rebecca Scanlan, one of GFM few Mile High natives, actually heads up our Hawaii “office.” But then again, she’s always been one to wander. In fact, the moment she graduated from college, she flew straight to Guam. She still reflects on her time there, as it instilled in her a lifelong passion for travel.

Like most kids who grew up in Colorado, Rebecca enjoys her fair share of outdoor activities, including hiking, snowboarding and camping. But now that she’s living the island life, she also likes to get in as much sailing, kayaking, scuba diving and surfing as she can. Of course, that’s not to mention traveling, running, reading and playing on the beach with her black Lab Rylee.

In the midst of all this activity, this nonstop nature girl also takes time to wage war against single-use plastic as a volunteer with the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. She’s fond of red wine and good food and is always on a quest to find the spiciest meals out there. While she loves to work in her own garden, she prefers to comb the local farmers markets for edible treasures. And, when she’s gotten all of that out of the way, she finds herself taking on something new, like golf or learning the ukulele. She’s a big fan of Asian noodles, the ocean, raw fish, traveling to primitive places, laughing hysterically, Halloween, theme anything, naps, the morning’s first taste of coffee, live music, flip flops (known as “slippahs” in Hawaii), thoughtfulness and the weird and bizarre, too.

Even though she’s more than 3,000 miles away, she still manages to always be available for anyone who needs her – clients, friends, family and co-workers alike. She possesses the rare gift of making us all laugh while somehow contributing to the greater good of the universe. Bottom line, she truly loves life and those who come with it, especially her family and friends.

Top Five:
On the iPod: Michael Franti, English Beat, Pixies, Violent Femmes
Pet Peeve: Narrow-mindedness
Collections: Tribal masks from various places around the globe
Guilty Pleasure: TMZ, “Page Six,” US Weekly, et al
The inside scoop: Determined to learn how to surf