Sarah Sparks | Senior Director of Communications

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Sarah Sparks has extensive experience in many facets of public relations, serving a wide range of high-tech and consumer clients, from small Internet startups to large publicly held companies.

At GFM, Sarah provides strategic communications, crisis communication and reputation management services for the agency’s consumer and high-tech PR accounts. Sarah has a unique flair for media relations and has forged relationships with national and international news organizations such as the BBC, Business Week, CNN, TIME magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

Sarah has developed and executed successful launches for clients ranging from health care to beer to satellite imagery companies, and has put technology startups as well as consumer brands on the map with influential writers and bloggers. Her work developing and executing thought leadership campaigns for clients has turned clients into influencers and brands into leaders.

Sarah began her PR career at Metzger Associates, a Boulder, Colo.-based technology PR firm, where she spent five years as a key account team leader for many of the firm’s largest clients. In this role, Sarah was primarily responsible for media relations strategy, team management, message development and writing.

Prior to her PR career, Sarah worked as a media assistant for the O’Kane Media Group, where she was responsible for national advertising campaign media research for clients such as Houlihan’s Restaurants, Hill’s Science Diet and Terra Industries.

Sarah graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in communications studies.

When she’s not working miracles for clients, Sarah can be found creating Play-Doh masterpieces or enjoying her husband’s amazing culinary skills with their daughters at their home in beautiful Boulder.

Biography | The Real Story

Sarah Sparks grew up in Lincoln, Neb., but the Great Plains weren’t great enough for this Cornhusker, so she took off in search of something even greater. She’s still a Husker at heart - just don’t tell all the Okies at GFM. They think her “Go Big Red!” is in homage to rival OU. Since the Nebraska days, she’s lived in some pretty cool spots, including Oregon and London. And although she has decided to lay down roots in Boulder, she tries to get back to London as often as possible. In fact, she likes England so much that she tied the knot with a British man (who insists their daughters are also English, though they were born in Boulder).

Some think that, as GFM’s official celeb watcher, Sarah might be on the actual B-list, for she often finds herself in the same room with others who fit that bill (like the woman who played Peg Bundy and actor David Spade).

This naturally gregarious lass can connect instantly with anyone. Which is why it’s easy to picture her back in the day chatting up customers from behind the espresso machine at her first job as a barista. She’s since moved on from serving caffeine to consuming more of it in order to keep up with her harried schedule. But to stay connected to the real world, she can be found keeping up on emails on her iPhone while hitting the slopes or going on adventures with her family. She is extremely organized and very determined, but fortunately for us, she remains a bit of a goofball and is always willing to joke about the situation at hand, or herself, whichever is funnier. And while not a musician by any means, she is the only GFM team member who admits to taking bagpipe lessons.

In her next (fantasy) life, Sarah hopes to while away the days at the world’s finest spas, reviewing their services for pubs like Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast.

Top Five:
On the iPod: James Taylor, Michael Franti & Spearhead, John Mayer
Pet Peeve: People who drive slow in the passing lane - UGH!
Collections: Shoes and wine corks
Guilty Pleasure: Bad reality television
The inside scoop: Back in the day, I partied with the guys from Rage Against the Machine and Alice in Chains. Now I have small children and just want to go to bed early…