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Wendy Artman is based in Milwaukee, where she creates and implements public relations campaigns for a variety of GFM consumer and nonprofit clients. She has worked on award-winning GFM accounts including America On the Move, The Special Olympics USA National Games, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver’s Carter Work Project and the Colorado Garden Foundation. She has worked on product launches and special programs for clients such as Molson, Coors Light, Arta Tequila, Oskar Blues and 34 Degrees.

Wendy began her career more than 20 years ago in Washington, D.C., with a media relations and crisis communication firm. There she developed an expertise in working with nonprofits, commercial real estate developers and the media and publishing industry. Later, she led the public relations team of BVK/McDonald, a national full-service advertising agency in Milwaukee, focusing on the health care, outdoor and travel industries.

In 1997, Wendy started her own consulting company developing and implementing local, regional and national media relations campaigns for a variety of customers. Her client history includes major corporations, startup companies, nonprofit organizations and Native American tribes and organizations. She also worked as public relations counsel to a number of advertising, design and communications agencies.

Before joining GFM, Wendy worked with John Deere Attractions, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, the Quad Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau, Crescent Moon Snowshoes, the Animal Emergency Center, PhosphoSolutions, WeatherData, the University of Colorado Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and the Potawatomi Indian Nation.

Wendy holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband and two young sons.

Biography | The Real Story

Official Historian
Wisconsin-based Wendy Artman is GFM’s official record keeper and unofficial cheese head. By record keeper, we mean that she’s been around long enough to know the dirt on everyone. But when we say cheese head, we aren’t referring to her passion for the Packers – not that there’s anything wrong with that (*ahem, cough* Go Broncos! *Cough-cough*). Nope, she just happens to be an enormous fan of fromage – a quest that has taken her around the world in search of quesos nouveaux. Her favorite global hotspots include Tahiti, London, Paris and Hawaii. Ok, so she isn’t all for the love of cheese. There’s also the love of beer. And wine. Which she advises to never mix, based on one simple equation: Grape + Grain = Pain.

Had Wendy followed her schoolgirl dreams, she might have become an archaeologist. Had she followed her teachers’ predictions: a gossip columnist. But since she’s so skilled at digging up stories and passing them on to anxiously awaiting reporters, we think she may have succeeded at both. A former dragon-boat racer, marathon canoer and mountain climber, Wendy’s since gotten rid of some of her outdoor-friendly gear.

These days, most of her spare time – not that she has much – is spent with her husband, their two sons and their dog. If you can’t find her with her family, she’ll be at the Milwaukee Potters Guild, where she is a founding member, throwing pots with a huge smile on her face. Or she may be enjoying long runs on the beach of Lake Michigan, where she lives and is obsessed with collecting beach glass. See what we mean about the free time? Her biggest fear, aside from bears and public tooth-brushing, is that someone will buy the empty lot across the street from her, essentially blocking the current “lake view.” She’s busy rallying the local neighborhood kids to pull together the ultimate lemonade stand/bake sale and raise the money to buy the property for a park. Not a bad idea.

Top Five:
On the iPod: U2, Lyle Lovett, James Taylor
Pet Peeve: People with perfectly manicured lawns
Collections: Sea glass and fossil rocks
Guilty Pleasure: French onion dip and potato chips
The Inside Scoop: She’s a founding member of a pottery co-op and loving it

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