In the Know

GroundFloor Media Expertise

Today’s online media tools are ushering in a new age of consumer engagement, and with it, huge opportunities for companies that have the vision and know-how to engage in two-way conversations with these communities.

As in-the-moment and dynamic as these tools and tactics can be, GFM harnesses them inside a uniquely integrated marketing communications firm with a track record of producing powerful results, whether the task at hand requires classic public relations techniques, leading-edge digital and social media strategies, reputation management expertise, or a combination of each.

Conversations don’t happen in a vacuum. Nor should the components of your communications program. GFM’s three key service lines — Strategic Communications, Digital & Social Media Strategy and Crisis Communication & Reputation Management — work hand-in-hand to deliver exactly the results our clients expect — and oftentimes, more.

Experience tells us that traditional media relations “hits” gain extended shelf life and maximize search engine optimization (SEO) efforts when they’re shared online. Crises and challenging issues play out online every day, spreading like wildfire thanks to social media. Our savvy, seasoned team of social media, SEO and crisis communication practitioners work to minimize damage while halting the spread of misinformation and even turning negatives into positives.

Experience also tells us that, by tactfully deploying social media tactics, a seemingly small-scale event can become an impactful news-maker when it’s shared by countless others online. The power of integration cannot be underestimated. At GFM, it’s part of our strategic DNA.