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So – it’s just a few hours to show time and things are heating up at the Special Olympics National Games! Debbie, Laura and our new favorite short-term intern Jacqui helped collate and stuff a whole bunch of media kits which will provide direction to media tonight.

Debbie is practicing her “no comment” PR skills in this photo – but really has been a real trooper, gathering B-roll all morning and editing all afternoon. I think she might be my hero! Laura really likes stuffing packets (note to selves for future projects…) She likes the “process.” Who knew?

The media center is hopping and about 100 degrees with one little fan. We’re looking forward to getting the show under way in a few hours, as the colliseum has been about 20 degrees all day. If we don’t get pneumonia from the climate changes, we will have great stories to tell.

More later! – Carissa

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