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You always hear about those moments in life where it all starts to make sense and your life begins to — quite possibly — actually have a purpose behind it. I am not sure if I had my big AH-HA moment, but when I was driving home from the airport after the Special Olympics, something hit me. I always imagined it would feel like the proverbial ‘ton of bricks’ but this one felt more like a hot air balloon gently landing on my head — and my head has been spinning ever since. It’s a new business idea…. shades of this idea have probably manifested thousands of times, but with a distinct twist or a slightly different flavor.

Denver is a committed city. People are socially conscious. There are so many people, foundations, and causes that need a helping hand. How do we give back, connect the dots and make a difference? How do we do it in a way that is different than the standard fare? I have only shared this idea with a few people — people I knew would tell me ‘its been done before’ or ‘there isn’t a need for this idea’. So far, all I have heard is ‘let me help you talk to the right folks at the City’, ‘sign me up’ and ‘how can I help?’ Stephen helped me snag a domain name today. I am surprised it wasn’t taken, but that is a good sign in my book. The internet gods may be smiling down on us…

I blame this on the athlete that screamed ‘I love you, dad’ before she started the power lifting competition. Wherever you are now… I thank you (I think…).

– Laura

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