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This morning we all got together at the 2006 Best Places to Work Awards breakfast. In true GFM fashion, the team gave me endless amounts of grief for not paying for an entire table. We were seated in the back of the room in ‘open seating’.

Hey, we saved $300 and I had no idea we would actually be recognized for this award. My parents were in town visiting and when they realized I didn’t pony up to buy a GFM-sponsored table; my dad asked if I needed to borrow some money. He couldn’t have been more serious. Ahhh…. some things never change.

I believe it just may be a bad idea to give a bunch of us noise makers before 8 a.m. In fact, it’s a really good thing this wasn’t a cocktail event or we would have been asked to leave – I am sure. I still am shocked we were voted the #2 Best Place to Work in Denver. We came in right behind Spire Media in the Small Company category. It was also fun to be a finalist with some good friends including Jason Maples from Strategic Financial Partners and Julie Scates from J2T Recruiting

(Julie Scates of J2T and Cindy Bennett of Organic People

I continue to be amazed by the incredible people I am allowed to work with each and every day. After 5 years and 5 baby boys in 5 months, we were all ready to celebrate tonight.

We met at Wash Park Grill and gave a toast to: Evan, Mac, the “naughty mommies” who were out for the first time in quite a while, the co worker who uses words like ‘flummoxed’ on a daily basis, the colleague who isn’t afraid to get a TB shot and weigh herself just so she can work inside Children’s Hospital for us and our newest GFM team member, Jim, who may clearly regret his decision to join us come the New Year.

What a fun way to kick off the holidays – Laura

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