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I don’t want to rub this in to anyone who doesn’t work at GroundFloor Media, but I do feel compelled to share the fact that GFM is THE best place to work (although the Denver Business Journal only ranked us as number two)! There are countless reasons each and every day – from our great clients and talented team members to our fearless leader. And the latter is the reason I’m typing today. Laura arranged for a “mandatory” meeting/cultural assessment last week, during which she told us we could not use our phones or BlackBerries. Imagine the sighs that announcement caused! Wendy even emailed us from Washington, D.C. that morning to let us know how “boring” the guy running the assessment was and that we were in for a long afternoon. Moments before the meeting was to commence, Laura called us into her office and presented us with early Christmas presents – gift certificates to our favorite spa, where she sent us for the afternoon for a few hours of total pampering. With the workload everyone has been experiencing lately, this was a much needed respite and SO appreciated. So when things get tough, we can all look back to our relaxing afternoon and remember why GFM truly is the best place to work in Denver – heck, probably in the world!

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