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The weather outside is frightful…

When I woke up this morning and witnessed the blustery scene outside my bedroom window, I never thought I’d be photographing holiday carolers at 9 a.m. To the contrary, I assumed after a few phone calls I’d be safe pouring myself a cup of coffee and quietly watching the wall-to-wall coverage of the blizzard on TV. I admit it: The Grinch in me was itching to come out.

Fortunately, our Starbucks friends never let us forget the true meaning of giving, lest GroundFloor Media be visited by three spirits in the night. Thus I was off at 8 a.m. — at the birth of the biggest blizzard to hit Denver in years — to help Phil Smith, Oren McNulty and at least a dozen other Starbucks superstars surprise and delight the good residents of Heritage Club of Denver retirement community with some holiday cheer. Santa was on hand for photos as Phil, Oren and company served cake, coffee, tea and orange juice. And in the end Heritage Club residents, staff and Starbucks folks joined together for Christmas carols as the storm raged outside.

I actually think my heart grew three times its normal size.

So when we call this thing we do every day “work” I’m not certain we’re using the correct word. And as I near the end of my third week with GroundFloor Media, I’m quite certain I’m becoming enamored.

My deepest gratitude to the great people of Starbucks and Heritage Club for providing a delightful way to spend a snowy December morning. Merry Christmas to all — and let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

— Jim

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