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The Rock “N” Roll Arizona Marathon – TEAM GFM!!

Well, we survived below freezing temperatures, delayed flights, blisters and Band-Aids placed in strategic locations, Stephen carrying around P.F. Chang’s leftovers for three days, Kristina and Carissa’s intruder, Jim ‘Tools’ with his leopard hat in the hot tub, SJ, well, just being SJ (most of which I could never put in an email), Rebecca as the new hotel IT director, Ro running with bronchitis, Carissa claiming I abandoned her at the last minute, Jim Reilly for just managing to put up with us (always with a smile on his face) and Jen ‘smiling’ as she made it through the finish line! Did I mention Stephen qualified for Boston with a 3:03 time? He even made it on the local news! The rest of us, well, we were just happy to drink a beer at the end of the day. Thanks to this amazing group of troopers. I am so happy to work – and run (hobble) — with each and every one of you!

PS – Best of luck to Shawn Wills this week as he tries to make the cut for the golf tournament. You are my hero for offering to run the stadium stairs with Kirby immediately after we crossed the finish line. I thought I would literally pass out the minute she suggested it.

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