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What do 25 blue & white models and 500+ volunteers have in common? They all helped GroundFloor Media execute two major client events last week.

Friday, May 19 was Cold Activated Bottle Activation Day nationwide, and GroundFloor Media helped Coors Light promote the new, innovative bottle in Denver through a unique consumer promotion, in which models — painted white and blue — informed adult consumers around Downtown Denver about the new bottles. Special ink on the label of Coors Light’s new Cold Activated Bottle turns the mountains from white to blue when the beer is cold enough to drink, preventing adult consumers from ever drinking a warm beer again!

As if that weren’t enough excitement, we executed and celebrated the second annual Starbucks Passion for Parks event on Saturday, May 19. More than 500 volunteers turned out to help revitalize the Burns and Sopris Gardens of City Park in Downtown Denver. Starbucks made a $100,000 contribution to Denver Parks & Rec to make the revitalization possible, and nearly half of the 500+ volunteers were Starbucks partners (employees). Several GroundFloor Media team members worked and volunteered at this great event, making us very proud to work with a community-minded client like Starbucks.

The highlight of the Passion for Parks event was the unveiling of a mosaic designed by East High School student Megan Carlson. It will be permanently placed in a historic fountain that had previously been filled with concrete because the plumbing no longer works. Megan’s artwork is absolutely breathtaking and brings the fountain back to life!

It was amazing and gratifying to see so much being undertaken at once over such a short period of time! Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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