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The bad news: It’s flu season again (groan). The good news: Last Saturday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provided the public with free flu vaccines as part of the largest mass vaccination exercise in the country. And GroundFloor Media was there – at the Denver County “dispensing site” in a parking lot near Coors Field and at the state health department’s command center – to lend a helping hand.

About 12,000 people in Colorado received a free flu vaccination as every public health agency in the state tested its plans to vaccinate a large number of people in the event of an outbreak of pandemic influenza. The National Guard and Blackhawk helicopters helped deliver some of the vaccine stockpile to the southern-most corners of the state. (Ramonna tried to hitch a ride, but she couldn’t pass security clearance.) It was a well-oiled, three-day event that was three years in the making.

Amy and Katherine were on hand to facilitate media interview requests with Dr. Ned Calonge, the state’s chief medical officer – and ODd on peanut butter cookies.

The good news: Coloradoans rose to the challenge and came out in droves to help emergency workers prepare for a health pandemic. The bad news: We don’t know where to find more of those good cookies!

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