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As we celebrate the New Year, it is always refreshing and energizing to look back and realize just how much happened in a mere 365 days. Together our team managed to find new office space and make a massive move, pull off a great concert at Red Rocks, run a ½ marathon together, survive our first Ground Hog Day party, spruce up City Park, move The Children’s Hospital across town, make a reality competition come to life, increased our Web design capabilities and social marketing expertise, win a few awards, bring some new babies into the GFM family and help celebrate a wedding and celebrate an engagement.

We were lucky enough to work with America on the Move again, and have a first-time opportunity to partner with Fuser, Rally, Qdoba, Corporate Express, Colorado Garden Show, Point B and VICORP (just to name a few). As we look back on this year, we have much to be thankful for. I can’t imagine what we will be able to look back and say at the end of this coming Leap Year!

Happy New Year – Laura

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