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In the heart of Denver’s historic LoDo district, sits a cutting edge 3,000-square foot kitchen where we all gathered Monday night to try our hand whipping up a Tuscan dinner. After a few glasses of wine, we all gathered around a custom, white maple butcher block bench, and the lessons are executed on commercial-grade gas cook-tops, in a professional Combi oven and a granite demonstration island equipped with halogen burners. A small team gathered to learn the art of creating a delicious red pepper risotto with Frico. Frico? Yes, the formation of these beautiful parmesan cheese crisps became second nature to our own Kristina Reilly. She ended up taking over the lesson and showing all of us how to throw cheese in a pan, heat it up and pour it over a small glass to create a beautiful cheese cup. I could be wrong, but I think she may have been auditioning for Top Chef and hoping for the next open spot in the cooking school. My team was busy learning the fine art of grilling by practicing our hand with a Grilled T-Bone slathered with garlic, lemon and olive oil. Anyone care to know what Dry-Aged beef actually means? Don’t ask Ramonna. She will throw her hands up over her ears and run screaming back to the Risotto team. S-C-A-B.

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