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It’s Cinco de Mayo and nearing lunch time, so it’s the perfect time to come out of the closet and admit that I am a taco through and through. I’m conscientious and a perfectionist and sometimes I tend to take over projects (although I prefer the term “leading” to “taking over”)… I can become pretty engrossed in my work – but that makes me an ideal worker, at least according to Dr. Alan Hirsch.

Together with Qdoba Mexican Grill, Dr. Hirsch completed a fun new study to help people realize their Q-dentity, also known as what your Mexican food preferences say about your personality. GroundFloor Media dreamed up the Q-dentity concept and worked together with Dr. Hirsch and our great clients at Qdoba to bring this fun concept to life. Wonder what your Q-dentity is? Simply follow this link and all will be revealed:

For the record, GroundFloor Media’s office is filled with a blend of burritos (they crave excitement), quesadillas (dependable), chips & salsa (achievement oriented), taco salad (easy going), nachos (self sufficient) and us tacos. Be sure to ask your GroundFloor Media friends about their Q-dentity next time you talk to them! You’ll be surprised how revealing their Mexican food personalities and yours can be!

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