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I’m a big fan of the blog If you haven’t visited it before, it offers a great perspective on the online video industry – part video critic, part industry reporter and almost always entertaining and newsworthy. Whenever a GroundFloor Media client mentions that they’re interested in producing an online viral video, I always point them to NewTeeVee for a good dose of online video realism.

Last week, NewTeeVee blogger Liz Shannon Miller posted a great example of “Viral Marketing Done Right”. The video shows an impromtu musical number at an airport and only briefly mentions the actual advertiser (

“What makes it so effective?” asks Liz. In her own words…“Three things:

  1. It doesn’t lie. While the video does not state up front what product it’s advertising, it doesn’t claim to be “found footage,” or an amateur recording, or anything other than what it is. In fact, it makes a big deal of mentioning up front that the production was put together by a large team of professionals. At the end, the text pops up, clear as anything. It isn’t exactly straightforward, but there’s no attempt at deception.
  2. It’s really fun to watch. The performers are talented, the songwriting is tolerable and the hidden cameras do a great job of catching the surprised looks of those watching. I was more entertained by these three minutes than I was by the entirety of Chris Columbus’s Rent.
  3. It’s relevant to the product being advertised. By capturing the looks on people’s faces as they’re ambushed by live performance, the ad is a poignant reminder of the joy of the theater. is a ticket-selling service, and the swift URL drop at the end of the video connects the message to the product.”

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