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One of the great benefits of working at GroundFloor Media is that dogs are a welcome part of the office environment. It’s not unusual to see Maddie Love, Simba Tooley or Maxwell Wills running around our office space – so today when I felt a little guilty about leaving my dog, Otis, home for the next week while I’m off on vacation, it took only a second to realize that I’d simply bring him to work so we could spend the whole day together.

Little did I know that today is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Not only have Otis and I spent the day together, but he’s already been the star of a photo shoot, eaten two cookies, received multiple belly rubs, chased a gingerbread girl toy, and had about three naps. Although there isn’t much time at GroundFloor Media for chasing balls or squirrels, Otis is currently napping under my desk while I type away – just one more reason that GroundFloor Media qualifies as the best place to work in Denver!

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