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A couple weeks ago I did a post entitled “Viral Video Done Right“. In that post, I talked about NewTeeVee blogger Liz Shannon Miller and her thoughts about what makes a successful viral video campaign. With Liz’s thoughts in mind, I’d like to share another example of a viral video that I believe deserves some serious kudos.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a peek below:

Though you wouldn’t necessarily know it just by watching it once, this video was done by Gatorade. (If you watch it again you’ll see the Gatorade bottle by her feet.) Supposedly the original version included some text referring to Gatorade, but subsequent versions have lost the ad copy and it’s now running like wildfire across the Internet.

Great job, Gatorade. Proof again that in order to be viral, keep your focus on entertainment, not necessarily marketing.

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