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Yes, I’ve written about online viral video twice in the past three weeks, but I can’t help it. Blame it on Gatorade and NewTeeVee, not me. I’ve already admitted hundreds of posts ago that I was addicted to social media and yes, viral video is a big part of that addiction. So here is one last fix that I’d like to share with you and then I promise to switch to a new drug of choice (Twitter perhaps?).

Our friends at NPR’s Talk of the Nation just did a great show focused on online viral video. Called Behind the Viral Video: What’s Fake, What’s Real, host Neal Conan and his guests explore how videos like the Gatorade one are able to become to popular. Take a listen here. It’s about 30 minutes long, but it’s worth it.

Okay, now I’m off to viral video rehab.

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