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Several months ago I attended a PR conference for GroundFloor Media client Morton’s The Steakhouse. One of the sessions focused on social media, and one of the speakers was Andrea from, an online community where people can review almost anything in their local community (think restaurants, salons, shops – even banks and museums). I have to admit that when the session kicked off I had never even heard of and I was still just dipping my toe into the social media pool. But – after hearing Andrea speak I was intrigued and earlier this month I set up my own Yelp account.

After only a few weeks in the Yelp community I am Yelping every chance I get! To date I’ve Yelped about restaurants, my dog’s veterinarian, local shops that I adore and even landmarks in New York City including Ellis Island and The Top of the Rock! And, beyond what I can share with others, what I’m learning from the Yelp community is tremendous. I’ve already established some new Yelp friends, determined that I live smack dab between the two best restaurants in Denver for fried chicken (hello, larger pant size), and I’m starting to dive a little deeper into the social media pool which is fantastically refreshing!

See here for a link to my personal Yelp reviews. Whether you decide to become a Yelper or simply want to lurk around on Yelp to find the best fried chicken in your neighborhood, I suggest that you give Yelp a try. Enjoy!

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