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One of our favorite non-profit partners, The Tennyson Center for Children (, is launching a huge initiative around the presidential election. If you have kids, get them involved by writing their first letter to the new president. “Dear Mr. New President” is a new Children’s Letter Writing Contest that allows kid to have their voices heard in this most important election season. This contest is open to all children 18 years or younger and the top three entries will be given their awards and invited to read their letters aloud on the steps of the Colorado State Capital on Saturday, August 16 during the “Tykes on Trikes” parade at Denver’s Civic Center Park. All entries will be forwarded to the presidential campaigns of both candidates. To submit a letter or to find out more, click here: Dear Mr. New President contest

So what is TYKES ON TRIKES (and other wheels, too!)? Hundreds of kids and families will celebrate kids at Denver’s Civic Center Park on Saturday, August 16 at 9:00 a.m. With Denver being the center the American political arena and national media attention in late August, Colorado children’s groups are standing together in unity for the welfare and future of the children of our state with a powerful message to candidates running for public office. Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper and First Lady Helen Thorpe, along with other dignitaries will lead Children on decorated tricycles, bikes, scooters, wheelchairs and wagons from Denver’s City & County Building, down Bannock Street and 14th Avenue to the west steps on the lawn of the Colorado State Capitol. Once gathered on the lawn of the Capitol, leading elected officials will speak to the importance of this campaign, followed by a series of fun events for young and old alike.

This is a non-partisan, 501(c)3 public education event so come out and join and don’t forget your Big Wheels!

– Laura

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