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I am a huge fan of Jim Collins and am looking forward to getting to hear him speak while in Arizona this week at EO University. I thought it was worth sharing Thomas Kascha’s summary of Jim Collins’ interview, which he posted on an interesting website Regardless of your industry, these tips are well worth reading. I know we definitely embrace so many of these at GroundFloor Media.

Here is to Faith, Endurance and Values…

Crisis is Normal — Get Used to It!
* the past 50 years was an aberration in economic growth spurred by stability & unprecedented prosperity
* in effect, the normal times, as we know it, are actually abnormal based on historical facts

Values Must Endure Time
* what’s important is not “what” our values are, but that we have values at all
* the more challenging the times, the more we need values; they keep us in check

It’s All About People
* hire the best for each position, train & coach them
* DON’T stop hiring; especially in crises, because during these times, the best people are overlooked
* the best people are responsible; they DO NOT need to be MANAGED

Look to the Future
* plan for the long-term; what is apparently unnecessary now may be vital for the future
* this is especially applicable to People, Systems, and Processes
* be mindful of trends

Crisis is Our Friend
* crisis brings out the best in us
* when we survive, we are more prepared to take on challenges for both good times and bad

Don’t Just Stand There… Do Something!
* we cannot afford to be indecisive; we must choose to act on all challenges
* if we choose to become defensive, we live to fight another day
* if we choose to become aggressive, we need to ask: “how can we change the world with our plan of action?”

Balancing Faith and Reality
* we must believe in our capacity to survive and thrive, without becoming oblivious to the brutal facts
* we must use the facts to craft a plan of survival and prosperity

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