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When I first got into social media (~2 1/2 years ago) there weren’t a lot of tutorials available. I read TechCrunch and other tech blogs and even attended a “new media conference”, but to be honest, there wasn’t much that really outlined tactics. So like a lot of my social media peers, I learned about social media by doing it…. and with a little help from my friend Google. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. In fact, Google is still one of my fave social media resources today. Let me explain just a few great ways that Google can help you get a handle on social media.

Google Search: Let’s start with the basics. Yes, the basic search page on Want to know how to embed a video into a blog post? Google it. Looking for a way to connect your tweets to your Facebook status? Google it. I’ll bet you $5 that you’ll find an answer to your question (and maybe even a video tutorial) within the first page of search results. I still do this at least once a week when I get a social media question that I can’t answer off the top of my head.

Google Alerts: To PR and marketing folks, Google alerts are like air. We need them to function and do our jobs properly that’s because a big part of our job is knowing what people are saying about clients and their industries. However, for those of you outside of our PR bubble, you may not be familar with this handy little service. Just set up your own Google search keywords (web, news, blog, etc.) and Google will “alert” you via e-mail with your results either once a day or as they happen.

Google RSS Reader: If you haven’t discovered RSS feeds yet, you need to. RSS feeds are a great way to stay current on the latest news from your fave blogs or news outlets. By setting up Google’s free RSS reader, you can aggregate all you RSS feeds and folder them by categories. If you find yourself pressed for time and unable to check out your fave blogs everyday, you’ll love this. Trust me.

Google Trends: Not sure what keywords to base your social media campaign on? Check out Google Trends. You can compare multiple search terms over variable times, correlate specific dates with online news and even compare search term geographically. Super handy.

Still want more? Click here.

Enjoy! (And no, I do not do PR for Google.)

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