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As the worlds of public relations and Internet marketing continue to merge in ways never seen before, we often find ourselves working closely with complementary agencies to help our clients further their message in the world of online PR. Our friends, the online advertising experts, at The Booyah Agency work side-by-side with us on many of our client campaigns and they have put together a post that I thought was worth sharing.

Online PR is Public Relations & SEO Working Together
You finally got your website full of great optimized content and persuasive calls to actions, interactive maps, interesting blog posts, and other hot Internet technologies – now what? The most important part of optimizing your website actually happens off the page – where links and mentions of your website and company play a vital role in how popular and important your website will become.

Quality one-way links from websites related to yours is the key to top rankings on the search engines. You need to develop strategies to ‘win’ these links. Obtaining these links is not easy, but winning targeted links with important keywords in mind are proven to produce results. When pursuing one-way links, keep in mind that every website is run by a person, or a group of people, meaning that you not only need to target websites but also ‘convince’ real people to add a link to their site. This makes good public relations and link building a natural fit when combined to form an Online Public Relations campaign.

There are several key reasons why Online PR can be effective for SEO:

  1. Press releases can be easily optimized and targeted to specific keywords using the Heading, Subheading and About Us section of the press release.
  2. News stories stay online and can still be read for months after the event.
  3. Online press releases can increase traffic and provide link popularity.
  4. There are dozens of good free online PR sites and several quality newswire services.

For high quality one-way links, the paid PR services provide more opportunity for keyword rich links and often provide a greater distribution for your story. While you don’t have to use the paid PR services for every online Press Release, it can be well worth the fee (often under $100) for your important online Press Releases.

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