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One of my favorite concepts is “doing well by doing good.” So it’s inspiring to me to see that cause-related marketing appears to be thriving despite the tough economy we’ve all experienced this year (check out this AdAge article for more on this).

It makes sense. Americans are much more likely to purchase brands that support causes. We feel good about working for companies that support charitable causes. We want to do our part – no matter how large or how small – to make our world a better place. Cause-related marketing makes this possible.

And… companies who undertake cause-marketing programs tend to see the financial benefits, as well. This study by Cone validated that cause-related marketing can drive consumer choice. So why NOT embrace cause marketing? You can do well by doing good.

You don’t have to take on a full-blown cause-marketing program, however, to make a difference. I’m proud that GroundFloor Media embraces Tennyson Center for Children as our pro bono client and that beyond our PR work for Tennyson Center our team members commit personal time to brighten the lives of the children served by Tennyson Center. Whether it’s taking the kids bowling, decorating Christmas trees with them, purchasing holiday gifts and school clothes, or painting the bedrooms in their cottages, GroundFloor Media team members volunteer countless hours at Tennyson Center and a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout our communities. This holiday season, we are encouraging all of our clients, partners and employees to give back by participating in Tennyson Center’s Operation Santa program. This program allows for families in need to have a Christmas that they wouldn’t normally experience. My family adopts families each year, and for less than $400, we provide families in need with gifts from their wish list. If you are interested in helping through Operation Santa, please let me know.

It feels great to support charitable organizations, and we all get back so much more than we ever give. I encourage you to spend a few hours as the holiday season approaches to share your talent, encouragement and/or energy with someone or some organization in need. If you need some thought starters in Denver, start with United Way or Metro Volunteers. I promise you won’t regret it!


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