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As the self-proclaimed perfectionist at GFM (and I think everyone else has noticed, too), I was actually relieved to see Seth Godin proclaim in his blog that “Perfect is overrated” and “Perfect doesn’t scale, either.” He makes a great point…

The questions we ask each other every day shape the answers we receive. For instance, if I ask one of our team members, “How is the media pitching going?” – s/he is likely to tell me about the challenges s/he is having getting media to bite on the story at hand. However, if I ask, “What’s up?” – I’m much more likely to hear about the positive things going on in their lives and accounts.

We shouldn’t expect perfection, and we shouldn’t set people up to always have to tell us what’s not perfect. Life is too short, and there are too many small victories to celebrate to always dwell on the challenges. So here’s to focusing on the positive and forgiving imperfection!


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