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My little brother got married in May. Ten minutes before he was set to walk down the aisle, his pants broke. Wide open. As you can imagine, it was a melee trying to find a solution so he could make it down the aisle, say his “I Dos” and find a longer-term option for the reception. We searched high and low for a seamstress that we could pull out of the pew for a quick mend, but apparently there wasn’t one on the guest list. In a last ditch effort; we opted for the thing that always holds things together when you are in a pinch – the safety pin.

It’s an amazing little invention, the safety pin. It’s not ostentatious, doesn’t command the limelight and always seems to appear just when you need it the most. In a nutshell – it fixes things.

I wish every company had a job description for a safety pin.

As I look at the team at GroundFloor Media, I am reminded how invaluable these character traits are in a person and a colleague. Who is the safety pin in your office? On your team? In your life? Take a moment and send that person thanks for always keeping it together and for fixing things when nothing else seems to work.

You might even give them a small safety pin as a token of thanks for who they are and what they do for you. They may not light up in the same way they would should you show up with a bouquet of sunflowers, but once you take the time to explain it, it may mean far more than you could ever imagine.

~ Laura Love

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